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Our Strategic Petroleum Reserves…

Biden emptied them for political gain. Where did they go and who got them? Click Here for Story

Whitmer to speak at World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos

Whitmer will do Jan. 17 discussion on the return of manufacturing Read more

Yea, They Just Don’t Work

More evidence masking for virus is a waste of time and effort Click Here for Story

Why Are We Still Waiting for the SCOTUS Leaker to be Named?

Is the FBI or DOJ dragging their feet on this investigation? Click Here for Details

Ukraine: The Black Hole of Corruption

Frontline Whistleblower: Money and arms being sent to Ukraine by US aren’t getting used by frontline soldiers they’re being sold on the black market? Click Here for Story

Tlaib the only Michigan rep to oppose House committee on U.S.-China competition

Tlaib was one of only 65 House members to vote against the committee, which she says would be racialized Read more

SCOTUS case could bring uncertainty to Michigan water rights

Farmers in no-win situation in riparian rights case, experts say Read more

ATF Gun Grab…

ATF will be banning pistol braces Click Here for Story

Are Unions Enslaving Employees?

Democrats collect big money from union leaders and now they’re paying back the unions by forcing workers to join them Click Here for Story

And Even More Biden Classified Docs

It just keeps getting worse for Biden, one has to ask have the Democrats now decided its time for Joe to go? Click Here for Story

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