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Biden’s Gift to China

The Paris Climate Accord: Should U.S. back out?

Rejoining the Paris Accord is a huge mistake Click Here for Story

Mass Protests in Russia

Corruption facing backlash in Russia Click Here for Details

Whitmer Erroneously Claims State Taxpayer Handout To Pfizer Covered Vaccine Work

Company to get $10.5 million for plant that hasn’t been started yetRead more

Two Tiered Justice?

Will DOJ actually prosecute Antifa and BLM ? Click Here for Story

Some COVID Comments Make Michigan Health Department Director Appear Out Of Touch

He’s said things that just aren’t so Read more

Destroying Small Business

Plandemic was designed to crush the middle class? Click Here for Story

Authoritarian Inauguration

The Democrats have shown you what to expect under Biden Harris Click Here for Details

Impeachment Is A Scam Again

Just like stealing two elections Democrats will keep breaking the rules because we let them Click Here for Story

Pushing Green Energy Hurts the Poorest

Stopping pipeline and fracking will drive up energy prices for those who can least afford it Click Here for Details

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