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Hunter Biden, Joe Biden

Hunter Biden email resembles a State Department document, how much access to US government did he really have in his overseas businesss dealings? Click Here for Story


Figure purported to be Pfizer executive Jordon Walker

Pfizer releases statement after their employee is outed for discussing the directed evolution and possible gain of function research on Covid related viruses? Click Here for Details

CapCon on TV: Why toll roads aren’t the right move for Michigan

CapCon editor joins Fox 2 Detroit’s “Let It Rip”Read more

Traverse City area has two curling facilities, but Michigan taxpayers will pay $2M to build a third

Pork Friday: Taxpayer funds give curling club an unfair advantage over privately funded curling facility Read more

Black Cops Beat Black Victim to Death and the Left Calls It… Racism?

Liberal pundit Van Jones says the beating death of a Memphis black man by black police officers is of course racist Click Here for Story

Why Does This Keep Happening?

Videos of deadly Memphis beating by police released. How aren’t police departments training to stop this type of behavior from their officers? Click Here for Story

Are You Kidding Me?

Out going Biden Chief of Staff Ron Kalin counts Biden’s handling of the Ukraine conflict as an impressive accomplishments Click Here for Story

Time to Deal Strongly With China

Senators file bill to end China’s Permanent Normal Trade Status? Click Here for Story

Church Committee 2.0?

Can the out of control Deep State be removed from our government? Click Here for Story

Back in the Limelight

Islamic terrorists are stepping up attacks Click Here for Details

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