The News YOU Need to Know Sunday January 30, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Countries Lifting Restrictions

The US and Canada continue their restrictions that aren’t helping while other countries follow the science Click Here for Story

Auto Employment In Lansing Plunged Despite Earlier Round Of State GM Subsidies

State’s media again buying same big-promises narrative as 1999

Michigan Election Irregularities

Suspicious election activities still under investigation in Michigan? Click Here for Details

Ottawa Under Seige?

Truckers for Freedom convoy arriving in Ottawa to protest Canadian lockdowns and mandates Click Here for Story

Biden Destroying Ukraine?

Wagging the Dog with war hysteria is hurting other countries besides the US Click Here for Details

A Disgrace to the Marine Corp.

Biden’s woke Marine Corp will lose thousands of war fighters over vaccine mandate Click Here for Details

NATO Infighting

Germany’s hypocrisy is causing turmoil within NATO Click Here for Story

Socialist Brainwashing

How Did the Communists take over so much of America’s institutions? Click Here for Details

Bad Education

America’s schools have plenty of money but their results are not good Click Here for Story

Border Failure Is Biden’s Plan

The disaster at the US border is part of Biden’s plan to destroy and remake America Click Here for Details

Ripping on Pelosi

Gutfeld points out the hypocratic and creepy Nancy Pelosi Click Here for Story

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