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Playing It Down or Bowing Down?

Pelosi’s asian itinerary has no mention of Taiwan Click Here for Story

Pro-Life Harbaugh

Michigan Football Coach Jim Harbaugh says he’ll adopt any unwanted babies of his players or staff Click Here for Details

YOUR Money and Votes Going to Illegals!!

The Biden Admin is giving Social Security numbers to illegal immigrants at the border this gives them ways to vote illegally and obtain benefits YOU paid for Click Here for Story

Why run for Michigan governor? Whitmer, and worries for the future

Whitmer is the reason her challengers ran, not a deterrent

How free are we really?

Nine hundred new laws are too many Read more

Probably Right?

Putin says the main threat to Russia is the USA and oddly enough the main threat to Americans is also our own Democrat run government Click Here for Story

Covid Again or The Excuse to Hid Joe’s Mental Decline?

What’s the real story to Joe Biden testing positive again two weeks after having Covid Click Here for Details

Bending the Laws to Stop Trump from Running

Democrats are so scared free elections and the results of their terrible policies they want to America First and Donald Trump running again Click Here for Story

Election Fraud in New Jersey

It just keeps happening and now being exposed Click Here for Story

Ruining America’s Medical Profession

Diversity Equity and Inclusion is destroying the formerly best health system in the world Click Here for Story

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