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The American Family Needs Saving

On Father’s day its a good time to look at how families need both a mother AND a father Click Here for Story

Michigan Election Fraud

Michigan voter fraud EXPOSED: ‘If you want to live forever, register to vote’

Exposing the fraud in Michigan’s election system Click Here for Details

Party of the Elites

US television host Jimmy Kimmel (L) gestures to offer US President Joe Biden a seat onstag

Hollywood elites go alll in to fundraise and save the incompetent Biden Regime Click Here for Story

Environmental agency seeks $200K contract to develop strategy on maritime port electrification

Experts disagree on program effectiveness

Totally Necessary

Election cheaters and fraudsters need to be tracked down and prosecuted Click Here for Story

Rise of the Right

Thousands march across Europe to protest the leftist agenda Click Here for Story


More spending in Publi8c schools does NOT mean better test scores Click Here for Story

Will Democrats Replace Joe at Convention?

Some say undoubtedly Click Here for Story

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