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Fathers Day!

Celebrate your fathers

Investigating the Leakers

Senator Grassley looks at DoD official over Flynn leaks? Click Here for Details

Fed Court: Let Michigan Supremes Decide If Whitmer’s Emergency Powers Valid

Current law puts no time limit on assumption of extraordinary powers

BLM is a Marxist Group

Leaders admit they have an agenda and its not race Click Here for Story

Federal Court Orders Michigan To Lift Lockdown On Gyms

Court sees no evidence of ‘a rational relation between’ closing gyms and public health

Make China Pay?

Trump ally Stephen Moore thinks the president will ask China to pay reparations over COVID-19

Will POTUS ask China for Covid reparations? Click Here for Story

Michigan Population Winners And Losers

Surprises include Ann Arbor decline, topped only by last place Detroit

Missing Those Police Yet?

Multiple shootings in Minneapolis Click Here for Story

Ninja Missile?

Did US use this unique drone missile in Syria? Click Here for Details

Do Aborted Babies Lives Matter to BLM?

African American babies are aborted at a huge rate Click Here for Details

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