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Fleeing Democrat Control

Americans are fleeing Democrat run states and cities but have they learned their lesson to stop supporting idiotic Democrat policies and politicians? Click Here for Story

Destroying Our Military

Continued vaccine mandates are hurting our military readiness Click Here for Story

If you must retry 2020, start with lockdowns, not the election

Why Are Liberals Lying About the Facts of Roe V Wade?

It doesn’t outlaw abortion it just makes it a state decision on how to regulate it Click Here for Story

Democrats Don’t Support Hispanic Americans

US Hispanics are tired of the Democrat Party helping illegals instead of Hispanic Americans Click Here for Details

What About Transparency?

Transparency is not the Biden Admin’s forte Click Here for Story

The Violent Pro-Choice Movement

Typical of those who prefer killing babies Click Here for Details

Conspiracy or Hidden Truth?

Is google hiding it’s now sentient AI ? Click Here for Story

Don’t Vaccinate The Young Children

Doctor warns against using covid vaccines on the youngest of children who don’t even need it Click Here for Story

Don’t Discuss the Pain?

Biden’s Press Secretary cuts off reporter for asking about America’s economic pain and electric vehicles Click Here for Story

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