The News YOU Need to Know Sunday June 4, 2023 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden Signs Debt Deal

Another spending bill to increase the debt ceiling is passed. Why can’t politicians live on a budget like the rest of us? Click Here for Story

Corrupt Federal Government

Now the highly biased and politicized National Archives is hiding info on Joe and Hunter Biden Click Here for Details

How To Beat China at Sea

Could the US use its Pacific allies to help build the US naval fleet? Click Here for Story

Senate-approved debt ceiling bill terminates student loan pause

With a June 5 deadline fast approaching, debt ceiling deal heads to Biden’s deskRead more

Unusual Trump Support?

Will blue collar workers su[[ort Trump this time around Click Here for Details

Wrong Priorities

Secretary Mayorkas faces partisan divide over Title 42 in Capitol Hill  hearings : NPR

Why is DHS targeting conservatives and Christians instead of terrorists and violent BLM/Antifa rioters? Click Here for Story

Biden Economy

Unemployment up in May, will this be the trend? Click Here for Story

What Are We Supposed to Eat?

Irish government contemplates killing 200,000 cows to combat the “climate change” scam Click Here for Story

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