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SCOTUS Rulings

Gay and transgender case hits Supreme Court Click Here for Story and Video

Archbishop Praises POTUS

Vatican Archbishop to Trump: 'Children of Darkness' Oppose You

Fighting the Children of Darkness Click Here for Story

John James Speaks Out

Senate candidate talks about George Floyd and inequalities Click Here for Details

Fewer New Michigan COVID-19 Cases Since George Floyd Protests Began

Read more

Apology Not Necessary

Drew Brees caves to cancel culture Click Here for Story

Stop the Bullying

Herschel Walker speaks out on racism and cancel culture Click Here for Story

Michigan County Had Highest Unemployment In U.S. In April

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What is This Really About?

A contact tracing army? Is there more than Covid involved in tracking you Click Here for Story

Whitmer Joins Protest, Appears To Violate Governor’s Social Distancing Order

Executive order: ‘must adhere to … social distancing measures’

Globalists Won’t Support Trump

Of course these bought and paid for RINOs won’t support Trump Click Here for Details

Hispanic Employment Improves Again

Latino unemployment drops in May Click Here for Story

Pushing Revolution

Crowds told voting is not the solution revolution is Click Here for Details

How Did the Freeing of Criminals Criminals Work Out?

Criminals involved in riots? Click Here for Story

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