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Happy Father’s Day!

Reflection on Father's Day - Portsmouth Daily Times

DC IS the Worst…

Worst economic disparity in the nation is in Washington DC itself thanks to the concentration of wealth power AND corruption? Click Here for Details

Where IS This on The January 6th Sham Committee?

Staffers of liberal Colbert show were at the protest and now have been arrested Click Here for Story

No Benefit for Kids…

There is no study showing a benefit to giving young children covid vaccines Click Here for Details

South Haven, home to short-term rentals for 100 years, has residents who want them gone

Tourism is a key industry for this West Michigan city

Why Your Gas Prices Are High…

Three big reasons you are paying record gas prices under Biden Click Here for Story

Holland government broadband proposal follows troubled history

Other cities have broadband projects short on customers and swimming in debtRead more

The Trillion Dollar Cost of Abortion

What is the long term economic impact of killing millions of babies? Click Here for Story

Waste and Fraud

Illinois finds billions in fraudulent use of pandemic funds Click Here for Details

Whitmer Wants to Force Bad Education on Michigan Students

Eliminate school choice and force children to remain in bad districts Click Here for Story

What’s Destroying Africa?

The same thing Democrats are forcing on America Click Here for Details


Biden has no idea what he is doing…or does he? Click Here for Story

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