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RINOs Join the Corruption in Ukraine?

With all of America’s current problems why are Republican elitists joining Democrats in Ukraine Click Here for Details


Biden is losing Trump supporters? Did he ever really have any? Click Here for Story

Biden White House Admits to Another Lie

Biden Admin said they didn’t have access to vaccines when Biden took office…yea they did Click Here for Details

Schools Get Rich In Poor Neighborhoods

Whitmer’s Black Leadership Advisory Council repeats disinformation about funding

About Those Weapons Going to Ukraine…

Corruption: Weapons aid to Ukraine is being sold abroad? Click Here for Details

Biden’s Lawless DOJ

Protesting outside SCOTUS Justices homes is illegal but the Biden Justice Department won’t do anything to stop it Click Here for Story

The Ruling Class


Pelosi’s House of Representatives live high on the hog while Americans suffer high gas prices, food shortages and inflation Click Here for Details

Stalin Would Be Proud of Yale

Yale law students believe in censoring anyone who doesn’t agree with them and don’t believe in the US Constitution ? Click Here for Story


IS our VP worse than our President? Click Here for Details

From the Science Side…

Will the AI we develop become an invasion? Click Here for Story


Has Russia truly lost a third of its forces in Ukraine? Click Here for Story

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