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FBI Lawbreakers

The FBI has been breaking surveillance laws on American citizens Click Here for Story and Here for More Info

Two Tiered America

As Democrats try to take away your gas cars, dishwashers and gas stoves, they give exemptions to their wealthy friends Click Here for Story


John Fetterman is making a joke of the US Senate Click Here for Details

Michigan Senate enables state environmental regulations to exceed federal

Gov. Rick Snyder signed a ‘no more stringent’ law in 2018. Senate Bill 14 would gut it.

Why Won’t Democrats Be Responsible on Overspending?

GOP House wants common sense spending cuts but the Democrat Senate and Joe Biden want to spend America into oblivion Click Here for Details

Endangering America

Joe Biden emptied America’s oil reserves to gain political momentum in the 2022 election and hasn’t made one attempt to refill our emergency oil supply which endangers all of America Click Here for Story

Covid Rules Infringed on Civil Liberties

Justice Gorsuch unloads on the over reach by government during “pandemic” Click Here for Details

US Intel Agencies Used Disinformation…In Our Own US Elections!

It wasn’t just foreign powers looking to change the US elections it was our corrupt US intel agencies Click Here for Story


Who in the world believes Kamala Harris could be the Artificial Intellignec Czar? Click Here for Story

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