The News YOU Need to Know Sunday May 22, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Moving New York Red?

Court decision on congressional districts gives GOP some advantages? Click Here for Story

Arizona Election Fraud Update

Is ballot harvesting going to be investigated? Click Here for Story


Eric Adams

New York’s worst mayor yet wants to run for President? Click Here for Details

Schools Struggle To Spend Their Federal COVID Bucks Fast Enough

The lobbyist for West Michigan school districts says they need more time

Sex Trafficking?

Yes its everywhere the Media just doesn’t want to talk about it? Click Here for Story

The Biden Economy

Starving US infants thanks to Democrats Click Here for Details

The Border Crisis

Even Hispanics know Biden is destroying our country’s integrity Click Here for Story

Still Think The Global Elite Cabal is A Conspiracy?

Davos elite caught on video talking about compliance of the population? Click Here for Story

Watch It, Share It: 2000 Mules

Americans need to know what happened during the 2020 election Click Here for Details

Corrupt Education System

Between the unions and the socialists your students don’t stand much of a chance Click Here for Story

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