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Media Slanted Against Israel

Even liberal Bill Maher knows the media isn’t covering the Israeli Palestinian conflict fairly Click Here for Details


Biden caught on video with another disturbing comment to little girl Click Here for Story

Whitmer Says She Would Use Emergency Law To Impose Her Non-Emergency Policies

Abuse fears are why Supreme Court took away open-ended 1945 emergency law powers Read more

Feds Failed Again

Latest mass shooter was known by Feds and previously detained Click Here for Story

Billboard: Whitmer Dissed People With ‘One Rule For Others And A Different One For Themselves’

Read more

More Evidence of Fauci Wrongdoing?

What was Fauci trying to do with Coronavirus research Click Here for Details

Mask Backlash?

Fiddleheads Cafe

California restaurant charges mask wearing customers an extra $5? Click Here for Details

Crackdown on China?

CBP won’t let Chinese fishing company import goods into US? Click Here for Story

Terrorist Drones?

Iranian backed militia groups using drones in Middle East Click Here for Story

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