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Trump Will Be On Colorado Ballot

Another wind for Democracy as Candidate censoring Democrats lose attempt to keep Trump from being on the ballot in Colorado Click Here for Story

The San Francisco Clean Up

Why does it take a visit from a Communist Dictator to clean up te streets of San Francisco? Click Here for Story

EV battery maker gets $189M in corporate welfare, lays off 170 employees

Mass layoffs come less than two years after incentive package Read more

Bad Blinken

Antony Blinken’s plot to destroy Israel, exposed

Is Anthony Blinken working against Israel? Click Here for Story

Liars and Criminals?

Sen. Mike Lee blasts Jan. 6 committee over new Capitol riot footage panel 'hid from us'

Release of January 6th videos shows Democrat led January 6th Committee was a sham, they hid video for their political agenda Click Here for Details

Disgraceful Conduct

Todays liberal youth are so disgusting they actually buy into Osama Bin Laden’s excuse for the attack on 9/11 Click Here for Details

Why Aren’t Arab Countries Taking in Palestinians?

They’re worried about terrorists and terrorist supporters among them that’s why Click Here for Story

Throwing A Wrench Into 2024

Manchin may hurt Biden in the 2024 election Click Here for Details

Trump Ahead in Michigan Poll

Another bad bit of news for Joe Biden Click Here for Story

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