The News YOU Need to Know Sunday November 20, 2022 TheDailyDrift.Com

Biden Giving Money to Other Countries Including China…

For Climate Reparations??? Click Here for Story

FIFA: A Simple Beer Ban?

No, the sudden ban by Qatar for the World Cup soccer games is part of their consistent bad international behavior? Click Here for Story

Will the New GOP Congress Keep Funding Trump Investigations?

Biden’s politically weaponized DOJ wants to keep attacking Trump to stop him from running for office will Kevin McCarthy and Republicans kewep funding it or cut them off? Click Here for Story

America Suffering Under Biden

Biden exceeds Carter as worst President ever? Click Here for Story


Voter irregularities in Arizona aren’t an accident Click Here for Story

The Fall of Men…

What is culture doing to half of society? Click Here for Details

Twitter and The Dems

Did Elon’s latest poll uncover some necessary info for cleaning up twitter Click Here for Story

Walker and Kemp Campaign Together

Herschel Walker, Gov. Kemp Campaign in Georgia Together for First Time

Rare show of unity in Georgia for Republicans? Click Here for Story

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