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Omicron Hysteria

Covid Omicron: South Africa calls travel curbs 'unjustified', says nations  are 'finding scapegoats' - YouTube

South Africa debunks the fear mongering of the media over the Omicron variant, different symptoms but mild Click Here for Story

Gretchen Bad for Michigan

Bad leadership has been the hallmark of Gretchen Whitmer’s tenure as Michigan’s Governor Click Here for Details

We Closed Keystone Why?

Even Democrat Senator Manchin is questioning why the Biden Admin and Democrats closed pipeline Click Here for Details

Smash And Grabs Continue

California looting has become professional and seemingly organized Click Here for Details

Questions About Vaccine from Former Pfizer Employee

And the news isn’t great Click Here for Story

US Government Promoting Woke Policies?

Federal grants being used for policies that promote divisiveness and bad agendas Click Here for Details

Four Hospitals That Take Federal Money To Help Low-Income Patients Do Less To Help Than Those That Don’t

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Worse Than Carter

Biden has quickly become the worse President in US history Click Here for Details

World Tensions Rise

Another of Biden’s failures is leading to a more militarized world Click Here for Details

The Corrupt American Government

Americans no longer trust the institutions of government Click Here for Story

Lame Defines the Biden Admin

Worse than Carter, lamer than Obama? yep Click Here for Details

The Elite Need You to Be Scared

The pandemic must continue if the rich are to get richer, the powerful are to get more powerful. Wake up. Click Here for Story

Understanding Globalism

And why the left seem to support it Click Here for Details

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