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Investments are supposed to driven by making money for the investors not for pushing woke political agendas Click Here for Details

More Extreme Than Nancy Pelosi

Hakeem Jeffries holds out his hand and speaks during a news conference.

The Democrats continue their move to the extreme left with Nancy’s possible replacement for House leader Click Here for Story

Michigan Muslims Supporting GOP’s Tudor Dixon?

Yes Stepehn Colbert that is true Click Here for Details

Hateful Hillary

When will this corrupt liar just go away? Click Here for Details

Michigan budget reflects poorly on lawmakers

Too many legislators are either not reading budget bills or condoning the waste of taxpayer money

Biden Admits Twitter Lies?

The thought of lying censoring twitter being freed by Elon Musk has Biden so angry he admits that twitter “spewed lies across the globe”? Click Here for Story

Young Communist

Greta Thunberg moves from the climate scam to outright communist Click Here for Details

If You Can’t Control It Cancel It?

Democrats and the left now want to get rid of Twitter because they no longer control it Click Here for Story

Not Working?

Labor force participation rate declines for 3rd month in a row, what are people doing? Click Here for Details

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