The News YOU Need to Know Sunday November 8, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Crime Family in White House?

Media and Joe Biden claim victory…without certification Click Here for Story


Across the country late ballots and illegal ballots are being counted Click Here for Story

Post Office Investigating Claim Employees Were Ordered To Backdate Late Ballots

Software Election Steal

Election Software that gave votes to Biden has been used across the country Click Here for Story

Why You Should Regret Your Biden Vote

Democrats claiming mandate for their socialist agenda Click Here for Details

“Fixing” Ballots

Pennsylvania is corrupting their ballots Click Here for Story

The Real Winner of 2020? China

Xi Jinping, Joe Biden

There is no doubt China knows its better off with Joe Biden Click Here for Story

The Baby Killers Rejoice?

Planned Parenthood revels in a possible Biden Presidency Click Here for Story


Biden's Lead in Arizona Dwindles as Large Number of Ballots Remain Uncounted

Biden alleged lead declining in AZ as counting continues Click Here for Story

Ballots Dropping Like Drug Deals

More cheating Click Here for Story

Tossed Ballots Found by Farm Workers

Ballots in Arizona taken from mailboxes Click Here for Details

Trump Supporters Protest…Peacefully

Thousands of Trump supporters across the country concerned about election fraud take to the streets peacefully Click Here for Story

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