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Democrats Want Total Control Of Your Life…

Jennifer Granholm

New green energy push will force changes to the common appliances you use everyday Click Here for Story

A Plethora of Evidence

Impeachment hearing for Joe Biden shows volumes of evidence and the Democrats cant handle it Click Here for Details

Solar Slip Ups…

Many residential roof top systems have left owners in the dark Click Here for Story

The Newsom DeSantis Debate…

its seems odd and it is but is it designed to make DeSantis even more foolish? Click Here for Story

Elon At the Border…

When Elon speaks it gets attention will his trip to the border wake up Americans to the danger of an open and unsecured border? Click Here for Details

Congressional Criminal

Democrat Congressman pulls fire alarm in the Capitol ( a felony) to stop a vote Click Here for Story

Stop Treating It Differently

Election fraud IS a crime and our politicians need to stop ignoring it or worse supporting it Click Here for Details

Democrats Are Scared of RFK Jr….

You need to ask yourself why? Click Here for Details

The Real Virus Destroying the World

Global elitist billionaire Bill Gates is promoting policies that will destroy mankind’s food supply chain Why do so many government bureaucrats follow his lead Click Here for Story

Who Do We Believe?

New pictures refute the mainstream media’s announcement of the death of Russian Commander by Ukraine Click Here for Details

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