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Voters Don’t Need to Know?

Joe Biden says voters don’t need to know his stance on packing the Supreme Court Click Here for Story

Whitmer Scolds Yoopers Who ‘Dropped Their Guard’ On Virus; 29 In Hospital There Due To COVID-19

Read more

Don’t Believe the Media and Polls

Biden Harris don’t have the support the media wants you to think they do Click Here for Story

Why Democrat Policies Fail

Plotter in Whitmer kidnap plan was pardoned by a Democrat Governor last year Click Here for Details

State Data Rebuts Civil Rights Commission’s Claim Schools In Poor Cities Are Underfunded

For example, Benton Harbor and Flint Schools received about 50% more than the average district Read more

The Dangerous Left

The left is getting more radical by the day Click Here for Details

The Trump Economy

Median income set a new record in 2019 Click Here for Story

Can’t Trust Kelly

Senate Candidate Mark Kelly has a lot of explaining to do Click Here for Story

Intolerant Democrats

Jason Kempin/Getty

The reason people need to remove them from power Click Here for Story

Big Pharma Supports Biden

They want you to pay more for your medicines Click Here for Story

CIA Deep State Leader

Gina Haspel may be another deep stater looking to hurt the President? Click Here for Story

Black Police Lives Matter?

BLM rioting over black officer shooting a black criminal? Click Here for Story

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