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Disgraceful Bush

Uses 9/11 memorial to divide and blame Americans? Click Here for Story

Biden Pushing the Envelope

Are Americans ready to submit or push back on the Fascism? Click Here for Details

Health Departments Threaten Families If School-Related COVID Orders Violated

‘May result in you being taken into protective custody’ Read more

No Longer A Conspiracy?

26 or 27 scientists who called The Wuhan Virus Lab theory crazy are tied to Wuhan Click Here for Details

Mandates for Thee But Not For Me?

Once again the political elite won’t follow the rules they want average Americans to follow Click Here for Details

Its All About the Money

For Big Pharma getting a shot in every arm is about money not saving lives Click Here for Story

Where Are We Twenty Years After?

In this photo from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, firefighters and rescue workers battle smoldering fires at the ruins of the World Trade Center in New York. (Photo by FEMA/AFP via Getty Images)

Are we any safer? Any better off? Click Here for Details

And … Another Biden Lie

Drone Strike in Afghanistan didn’t kill terrorists it killed innocent civilians ?Click Here for Details

Follow The Postal Service

Federal Postal Workers exempt from the Biden Vaccine Mandate Click Here for Details

9/11 Info Released

First secret FBI 9/11 files involving the Saudis gets released Click Here for Story

Liberals Suck

CNN Doctor says unvaccinated Americans should not be allowed to travel despite the facts that prove him wrong Click Here for Story

The Vaccinated Shed As Much as Unvaccinated…

Facts show vaccine use isn’t stopping any spread of Covid Click Here for Details

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