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The January 6th Setup?

Why are two of the January 6th provocateurs still free and uncharged despite video evidence they incited violence? Is it because they were employed by the Feds? Click Here for Details

What Will the Fed Do?

To hike or not to hike that is the question Click Here for Story

Michigan 2024 budget gives $100K to Roseville Optimist Club

More largesse at taxpayer expense

Yes The IRS Will Be Targeting YOU…

Watchdog group says Biden’s newer bigger IRS WILL be targeting More average Americans Click Here for Details

Report: Whitmer’s allies target opponents of Marshall battery plant

One resident told the Freep he received photos of himself and his wife, with their faces crossed out Read more

This Isn’t the Law…

This is a hit job Click Here for Story

Michigan Tech is No. 1 for free speech, FIRE reports

Central Michigan U is worst of six universities rated in Michigan Read more

Silencing All Opposition

Anti-Establishment activist Russell Brand will be the next celebrity voice silenced for leaving the elite liberal plantation? Click Here for Story

The Tangled Web Joe Weaves…

Hunter Biden’s legal messes are deeply tied to Joe Biden Click Here for Details

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