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The Gender Identity Scam

Transgender movement is turning out to be as profitable as it is damaging? Click Here for Story

FBI Is Now Just Wrong for America

Huge FBI raid on a pro-life man Click Here for Details

Rashida Tlaib’s ‘net-zero’ energy fantasy is dangerous

Winter is coming; will your energy sources be reliable and ready?

Diversity, equity and inclusion: A newly popular way to make a good living

Are DEI programs useful, or are they filled with grifters? Read more

China Taking US Farmland

Current policies are letting China takeover the farmland that feeds the US and the world Click Here for Story

Stopping the Military Vax Mandates?

Air National Guard Board sides with non-vaccinated member Click Here for Details

The Shallow Democrat Bench

What losers can the Democrat party put up to run in 2024? Click Here for Story

Soros Is A Danger to America

Soros funded prosecutors are releasing murderous criminals back onto America’ streets to kill again Click Here for Details

The Changes in America Seem to Be For the Worse

Is woke culture to blame for the increase in STD’s Click Here for Story

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