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McMuffin’s Democrat Friends

Utah Democrats want to back phony conservative Evan McMullan which shows he is in fact a liberal Click Here for Story

Where Are US Weapons Going?

Biden Admin allegedly sends weapons to Ukraine but where are they really going? Click Here for Details

Michigan Schools DEI Director Wants Affinity Spaces With No White People Allowed

Ingham County district risks a civil rights case, say attorneys who examined issue

Wokeness Is Killing Netflix?

Loss of subscribers is due to forcing woke culture on viewers Click Here for Details

Global Food Crisis

Is it part of the globalist plan to decimate the population and foment unrest? Click Here for Story

Why Are We Letting A Micro-Minority Push The US Agenda

Transgenders are less than .03% of the population Click Here for Details

Strategy of Stupidity

Biden’s Department of Energy has no idea how to fix fuel prices nor do they want to Click Here for Story


The GOP needs to be the American First Congress and stop the destruction of America Click Here for Details

Not Giving Up on Control Via Masking

The Biden Admin wants to continue the control of America through fear and masking Click Here for Story

Has Election Integrity Improved?

Conservative victory is assumed for fall of 2022 but has the cheating been stopped? Click Here for Story

How Is This Actually a Thing?

After school Satan club at elementary school ? Click Here for Story

Democrats Are Guilty of Targeting a Sitting President

Democrats used deep state allies in the CIA to target President Trump with phony accusations? Click Here for Details

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