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YOU Pay for The Left’s Propaganda

Taxpayers will foot the bill for brainwashing children with critical race theory Click Here for Story

The Ultimate Irony

YouTube CEO gets Freedom of Expression award even as they censor conservatives and anyone who has differing opinions than the leftists? Click Here for Details

Michigan Health Department Proposes ‘Gender Expression’ Mandates For Child Care

Child’s ‘expressed gender’ would have to be given consideration for sleeping and clothing Read more

Real Racism

BLM Minneapolis threatens people? Click Here for Story

Study Finds Devastating Costs, Few Benefits From Michigan’s Extreme Fall-Winter Lockdown

States with less destructive policies also had fewer deaths

If Its Overturned We Know Who to Blame…

If there is an appeal of the Chauvin trial blame the loudmouth race baiters Click Here for Story

The Latest UFO Hot Spot?

Canada reporting many UFO sightings Click Here for Story

The Granholm Grift

Jennifer Granholm

Biden Admin promotes a company one of its cabinet members has a financial stake in? Click Here for Details

Trouble in Socialist Paradise?

BLM not happy with the Biden Admin? Click Here for Story

Making Martyrs of Criminals

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats kneel to observe a moment of silence for George Floyd on Capitol Hill in June 2020. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images)

Pelosi and the left turn common criminals into martyrs for the sake of political gain Click Here for Details

Is It Even Possible Now?

Can the GOP ever regain a majority if election cheating has become institutionalized? Click Here for Story

Straight Out of Sci Fi…

Scientists mixing human body parts with robots and monkeys? Click Here for Details

You Soiled Your Nest Once…

Florida sheriff reminds northerners who leave badly run liberal states to not bring the political thinking that ruined their home states Click Here for Story

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