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Fighting The Feds

Arkansas lawmakers look to nullify Biden gun grab Click Here for Story

Poster Boy for Hypocrisy

Kerry, AOC and Bernie Find a New Path in Climate Change Fight - Bloomberg

MSM and the left would go crazy if a Republican did what John Kerry has done Click Here for Story

Audit: School Districts Failing To Rate Teacher Effectiveness, As Law Requires

State education department says the law should be changed

What Are They Hiding?

Pelosi limiting in person attendance of Biden address Click Here for Story\

So Much for Unity

Nothing the Biden Admin has done has pushed unity Click Here for Details

Covid Alters Genes?

Surprising info in latest study Click Here for Story

The Pentagon, UFOs and More

How much does the military know about the paranormal? Click Here for Story

Assisting Our Enemies

Why is the Biden Admin helping those trying to destroy the US? Click Here for Details

Spending to Save the World

But its American taxpayers stuck with the bill Click Here for Story

AZ Audit Continues…

Despite attempts to stop the country from seeing the election fraud in 2020 the Arizona audit pushes forward Click Here for Details

Deep State Payback

Are the Biden Feds punishing Rudy Giuliani for exposing the Deep State corruption? Click Here for Story

Why the Rush?

Why are Democrats moving so fast to make their radical changes and destroy America Click Here foe Details

Taking It Back

Texas parents try to get control of their school back from the radical socialists Click Here for Story

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