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Team Biden Admits Trump Was Right?

May resume border wall construction Click Here for Details

Flip Flopping WHO

Re-writing history to push vaccinations? Click Here for Story

Border Crisis Is Child Sex Trafficking?

IS this why liberals are trying to flood the border? Click Here for Details

Experts Have Answers For Michigan’s COVID Spike, But Nothing Definite

Dictator Biden

Tells State of Georgia to stop election integrity or risk more business losses Click Here for Story

Michigan 12th-Most Restrictive State For COVID Policies

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China War Ready?

US warns of China prepping for a move against Taiwan? Click Here for Story

The End of Journalism

60 Minutes refuses to backtrack on broadcasting their fake news Click Here for Details

Mileage Tax

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Just another way to track you AND tax you Click Here for Story

Standing Strong?


Senator Kyrsten Sinema says filibuster must stay? Click Here for Details

China Owns Silicon Valley?

Big Tech is deep in bed with the Chinese Communist Party Click Here for Story

Pushed Too Far

Governors speaking out against vaccine passports Click Here for Details

North Korean Admission?

Leader admits N Korea has severe problems Click Here for Story

Border Security IS National Security

Its not just illegal immigrants that are the problems with an open border Click Here for Story

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