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Primary Results

More wins for Trump endorsed candidates Click Here for Story

Dirty Merrick

DOJ Pursuing 'Wide-Ranging Investigation' Into Capitol Riot: Garland

The country’s Attorney General is about as lawless as they come Click Here for Details

With 87K new IRS agents, middle class can expect more audits

Joint Committee on Taxation says nearly 60% of the new taxes will come from people making $50K or less Read more

Twitter Employed Saudi Spy

Your information was going to the Saudis Click Here for Story

Michigan charter schools allege sneak attack, sue feds over grants

Lawsuit claims U.S. Education Department is trying to lessen charter schools’ access to grant monies, not facilitate it

Targeting the Political Opposition

What did Biden know about the Un-Constitutional raid on President Trump’s home Click Here for Story

Fox News IS NOT Your Conservative Friend

The Mudoch kids are quite clearly not America First supporters Click Here for Details

IRS WILL Target You

Biden Admin won’t guarantee they won’t audit those making under $400,000. Click Here for Story

Democrats Can’t Define Woman

Every single Democrat Senator refuses to say its only women who can get pregnant Click Here for Details

An Epstein Judge?

Judge Bruce Reinhart was appointed by who? The Florida man who ordered the  FBI to raid the Trump residence

How coincidental that the judge who signed off on Trump raid was an employee of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein? Click Here for Story


Democrats will use the courts to win elections they actually lose? Click Here for Details

Show Us the Warrant

Judicial Watch files motion to unseal the warrant used to raid Mar-A-Lago. Why was it sealed? Click Here for Story

Even Cuomo Sees the Raid on Trump as Fascism

Ex- Governor knows if it can be done to Trump it can be done to anyone ?Click Here for Details

Inflation Reduction Act? Its Anything But That..

NYC ex commissioner knows its a power grab by Democrats designed to control the average American Click Here for Story

Biden Admin Panicking?

Admin claims it wasn’t them pushing the Mar-A-Lago raid Click Here for Details

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