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Biden Will Oppose Marijuana Legalization?

Despite Democrat support in the House and Senate could marijuana get a veto from Biden? Click Here for Story

Manchin Doesn’t Represent His Voters

Republicans Line Up To Challenge Joe Manchin in 2024

He’s being bankrolled by sources other than his West Virginia constituency, businesses and voters? Click Here for Story

Its On!

Tudor Dixon wins Michigan GOP governor race, NBC News projects

Tudor Dixon will face off against Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan Click Here for Details

Detroit’s Election Shenanigans

Seems like nothing has changed in corrupt Detroit as absentee ballots without signatures are showing up and being counted? Click Here for Details

What you need to know about ESG

The road to hell is paved with bad investments

NEEDS to Be Done

Republicans want to stop China from buying up American land Click Here for Story

Damn Straight!

Daughter of the biggest RINO says Arizona has gone full blow MAGA Click Here for Story

Too Close to Call in AZ?

With election fraud evident again the Governor’s primary in Arizona is still too close to call Click Here for Details

Targeting Farmers

AMSTERDAM, the NETHERLANDS - JULY 23: Demonstrators attend a rally of the Netherland In Resistance group sympathizers to support farmers, fishermen and truckers, on Dam Square in Amsterdam on July 23, 2022. (Photo by Mohamed Farouk Batiche/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Dutch police beat protesting farmers Click Here for Story

Democrats Trying to Stop Election Integrity

Biden and Soros oppose voter ID and other measure that would ensure fair and free elections because that would make it harder for the Democrats to cheat Click Here for Details

In The Hotseat

Senator Kyrsten Sinema is the final decision maker on the allgeded “inflation Reduction Act” which will actually make inflation worse for Americans Click Here for Story

Biden and Democrats On The Wrong Side of Kids

Pushing children to change sex is just wrong and most of the world knows it but not US Democrats Click Here for Details

Good Riddance Peter Meijer

Rep. Peter Meijer beaten by far-right challenger John Gibbs

Michigan didn’t need super RINO Peter Meijer in Congress but John Gibbs will be a welcome addition Click Here for Story

Continued Weaponizing at the DOJ

Corrupt Merrick Garland is doing the dirty work for the Biden Admin to try and stop Right to Life States Click Here for Details

Could Pennsylvania Go Red?

Thousands of Dems are becoming Republicans Click Here for Story

No DNA Confirmation on Ayman al-Zawahiri

Did the Biden Admin proclaim success to early ? Click Here for Details

Pelosi Visit Speaks Volumes…About Joe Biden

However one feels about the trip it shows Biden is beholden to China Click Here for Details

More Distrust in the Medical Community

Fake studies on Alzheimers just makes the medical establishment look even less trustworthy than they already are Click Here for Story

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