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China Spy?

Is Rep Eric Swalwell a spy for China or an unwitting dupe? Click Here for Story

Making Threats

Michigan lawmaker threatens Trump supporters Click Here for Story

Family Says Clumsy COVID Orders, Isolation, Caused Dad’s Decline And Death

27 States Join Texas

Suing the voter fraud states Click Here for Story

Michigan Election Fraud

More witnesses to ballot fraud Click Here for Story

China Threat

China is stealing tech and info across the US Click Here for Details

Theft in Russia

Russian burglary is high tech Click Here for Details

Not the Party of Working Men and Women

Schumer wants Biden to make taxpayers pay for student debt Click Here for Story

Time to Remove 230 Protections

YouTube will be censoring any videos that question election fraud Click Here for Details

Patience Lost

michael flynn stands behind podium in briefing room

Americans are tired of waiting on alleged Durham investigation Click Here for Story

Special Counsel Needed

Group of House Republicans ask President Trump to Appoint a Special Counsel for Election 'Irregularities'

GOP House members want a Special Counsel appointed to investigate election fraud Click Here for Story

Protecting Americans

Republicans defend your rights Democrats take them away Click Here for Details

Ossoff’s China Connection

Democrats always seem tied to China Click Here for Details

Contact Your Legislators

easy ways to contact your government contacts Click Here for Story

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