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Its NOT Over

High possibility the election will be contested in January meeting Click Here for Details

And Here’s Why…

There are several paths to stopping the fraudulent election results Click Here for Story

Why Is Swalwell Still in Congress?

Let alone still on the Intel committee after being caught with Chinese spy Click Here for Details

Granholm’s Green Energy Boondoggles No Bar To Selection As Biden’s Energy Secretary 

Former Michigan governor finally gets gig 12 years after pitching herself to President-elect Obama Read more

Another Joke for Biden’s Cabinet

New Hampshire: Why young ex-mayor Buttigieg is surging - BBC News

Failed small town mayor will be Secretary of Transportation for the nation? Click Here for Details

Ann Arbor Parents And Some Medics See Union Behind School District’s Refusal To Open

District’s response to online learning failures is to eliminate D and F grades

Ditch Mitch?

Senate Majority Leader McConnell has some sketchy election lobbying money in his background Click Here for Details

The Great Reset… Be Worried

How Biden will make life in America a disaster Click Here for Story

Yes China Does Work with Canada Militarily

Although the last exercise was canceled its a fact Chinese troops were supposed to train in Canada Click Here for Details

From Bad Governor to Bad Energy Secretary?

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm speaks during the final day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Thursday, July 28, 2016. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Former Governor Granholm who destroyed Michigan’s economy is the Biden pick for Energy Secretary Click Here for Details

Georgia Must Hold the Line

Loss of senate seats to Democrats will quickly change America to a Global Socialist nation Click Here for Story

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