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The Crap Covid Relief Bill

POTUS says no to pork laden and disgraceful Covid relief package Click Here for Story

Good Riddance?

AG Barr steps down, did he do enough or just hide more deep state corruption? Click Here for Details

Ahhh Festivus

Rand Paul shows the waste that Congress approves Click Here for Details

Highest Number Of COVID Vaccine Doses Administered in Michigan On Monday

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Last Show for Rush in 2020 Leaves Some Guessing

Was Dec 23 the last show for Rush Limbaugh? Click Here for Details

Even Republicans Are At Fault

Republicans joined the corrupt Democrats in Covid Pork bill Click Here for Story

Walls Do Work?

The U.S.-Mexico border fence between Tijuana and San Diego County, Dec. 27, 2018. (GUILLERMO ARIAS/AFP via Getty Images)

Covid bill contained money for border walls … for other other countries but not US Click Here for Details

Democrats Show Their Hypocrisy

Marc Elias (Travis Long / Associated Press)

Trying to over turn an Iowa Congressional election seat they lost Click Here for Story

Election WAS Fraudulent

The proof is there one only has to open their eyes Click Here for Details

Barr’s Failure

Big hopes but an even bigger let down in the DOJ Click Here for Story

The Warnock Trainwreck

Police Bodycam Shows Alternation Between GA Sen. Candidate Warnock and His Now Ex-Wife

More scandal for Senate candidate Warnock Click Here for Details

Guns for Me but Not for Thee

Why do the rich and powerful want to deny you guns while they hire their own gun toting security Click Here for Story

Securing the Trump Agenda

Senator Cruz has an idea to keep Trump foreign policies in place Click Here for Details

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