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From the President

President-elect Donald Trump releases video update on ...

POTUS posts video of speech Click Here for Details

How’s That Working For You?

Carjackings skyrocket in Minneapolis under Democrat policies Click Here for Details

Michigan House Hearing on Election Fraud

Disturbing evidence of fraud and even more disturbing reaction from Democrats Click Here for Details

Does China Control Dominion Voting Systems?

$400 million investment looks damning Click Here for Story

Americans Have Had Enough

People are angry over the election fraud Click Here for Story

Courts and Government Have Failed Us

Restaurants lose court case to open under new fascist government rules Click Here for Details

No Lockdown On Taxpayer-Funded Tourism Spending

Even though the resort interests that benefit are throttled by COVID restrictions

Hiding the Truth

Twitter suspends election fraud analyst for showing proof of election fraud Click Here for Details

Michigan, National, Worldwide COVID Trends Look Similar

How big a role does policy play?Read more

Big Tech Controls Congress Too?

Legislature refusing to take away 230 protections from the biased Big Tech social media giants Click Here for Story

Democrat America

(Screen Capture)

Let boys use girls restrooms and paly against girls in sports Click Here for Details

CNN Hypocrites

CNN Complains about having their phone calls recorded when they did the same thing to FLOTUS Click Here for Details

Beijing Biden

Biden transition team for education loves China’s education system C Here for Story

The Full Story on AG Barr

He didn’t quite say their isn’t election fraud Click Here for Story

Corruption Protects Corruption

Biden wouldn’t fire the compromised Deep State FBI Director Click Here for Details

Free College?

Just another step in the socialist brainwashing of our youth Click Here for Story

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