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Good Riddance

Democrats Brace for McCarthy to Block Their Committee Assignments

3 lying and un-American Democrats are removed from Congressional committees? Click Here for Story

Russia Furious But Will NATO Battle Tanks Actually Help Ukraine?

German technology Leopard tanks will now be given to Ukraine will this make matters worse in the conflict or will it just prolong the static conflict ?Click Here for Story

And Biden Will Also Send American Tanks?

BAGHDAD, Iraq: A US soldier of Delta Company, Task Force 4-64 Armor, works on the M1 Abrams Tanks at Camp Prosperity, in Baghdad's fortified Green Zone 31 August 2005. Up to 650 people were crushed to death or drowned in a stampede on a Baghdad bridge triggered by fears a suicide bomber was among vast crowds of Shiite pilgrims massed for a religious ceremony. AFP PHOTO/LIU Jin (Photo credit should read LIU JIN/AFP via Getty Images)

Escalation instead of any productive peace negotiations Click Here for Story

Another WEF Caused Food Shortage Conspiracy?

How long before we find out this one is true? Click Here for Story

YOU Will Eat Bugs

Closeup cricket In a naturally cultured farm at thailand, Cricket farming of Thai farmers.

European Union oks use of bugs in human food Click Here for Details

Obvious Insider Trading?

Or yet another perfectly timed stock sale by Nancy Pelosi Click Here for Story

Arizona Election Crimes

The proof keeps piling up that the Arizona 2022 election was fraudulent Click Here for Story

Finally The FBI Does Its Job?

First arrest made in Pregnancy Centers attacks Click Here for Details

Is the Fed Going to Crash the Markets?

Inflation may not have peaked and things can easily get much worse Click Here for Story

“The Pelosi Act”

New legislation would prohibit Congress members from dealing in stock trades and named after Nancy Pelosi who got rich while elected Click Here for Story

And Another “Died Suddenly”

27 year old male model dies suddenly and yes he was vaccinated Click Here for Details

Ukraine Corruption?

Mass resignations happening… where did money actually go? Click Here for Details

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