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Time To Un-Elect Elissa Slotkin

Slotkin slams media for 'age-old catfight story' pitting her against AOC,  progressives ⋆ Michigan Advance

Democrat Congresswoman in a conservative district has followed Biden, The Squad and Pelosi on almost every vote Click Here for Story

The Cheat in Georgia Was Real…

And really bad as thousands of ballots were trafficked and harvested illegally Click Here for Story

Parents Request School District’s ‘Critical Race’ Records, Get Bill For $409,000

Kent County district says it has 4,400 pounds worth of documents

Decriminalizing Crime?

As Crime skyrockets Manhattan DA makes it easier for criminals Click Here for Story

Michigan Hospitals Holding Their Own Against COVID Surge

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Democrats Look For Complete Control by Ending Filibuster

Their bad ideas don’t have support so they now want to change the rules so they can ram socialism don’t the throats of Americans Click Here for Details

Tesla’s Newest Competition?

Has Mercedes developed the Tesla killer? Click Here for Story

Democrats Go Full Communist

Red Star of Communism Over the Democratic Party by American Liberty with  Bill Lockwood | Podchaser

Trying to disqualify GOP candidates to maintain their power? Click Here for Details

Hear Problems and the Vaccine

Young healthy students and athletes are having unexpected heart issues after being vaccinated Click Here for Details

French Tyrant

France’s President Macron vows to punish and alienate the unvaccinated ?Click Here for Story

Two Tiered Justice For Sure

New York Prosecutor drops sexual allegation case against Andrew Cuomo Click Here for Story

What IS Nancy Pelosi Hiding About January 6th?

Obstructing her own “fact” finding committee? Click Here for Story

Ending Big Tech Stranglehold

People need to follow Joe Rogan and Rand Paul away from Youtube, Twitter and Facebook Click Here for Details

Omicron Symptom?

Is night sweats a symptom of the Omicron variant? Click Here for Story

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