The News YOU Need to Know Thursday July 22, 2021 TheDailyDrift.Com

Democrats Won’t Fight Communism

Quite the opposite their agenda seems to support it Click Here for Details

Population Fell In Post-Bankruptcy Detroit, City Revenue Rose

The school district saw a modest enrollment increase after its 2016 bailout

Lying Fauci

He should be prosecuted for lying to Congress and maybe more about the development of the Wuhan Flu? Click Here for Details

Liberal Nonprofit News Site Paints Unfair Picture Of Reading Retention Law

ProPublica fails to mention specific exemptions to being held backRead more

Woke Losers

US Olympic Soccer team blow it Click Here for Details

Fighting the Audits is a Sign of Guilt

The left knows they cheated in 2020 election? Click Here for Story


Governor Newsom wants more homeless in California? Click Here for Details

Two Sets of Rules?

UK enforces Covid rules on citizens but won’t check immigrants? Sounds a lot like the US Click Here for Details

Stop the Collusion

The Federal government should not be telling social media what speech is allowed Click Here for Details

Say It Ain’t So Joe?

In shades of Clinton, Joe Biden used private email to send info to Hunter? Click Here for Story


Biden Admin bringing UN “Racism Experts” to the US is complete garbage Click Here for Details

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