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Democrat Mayors Protecting Criminals

15 Democrat mayors are asking Congress to stop POTUS from arresting violent rioters Click Here for Story

Lying Joe

Biden says Feds are assaulting protesters but the evidence shows the opposite Click Here for Story

It’s In The Law: Michigan Executive Orders Have Force Of Law

A 1945 statute is clear, and violating Whitmer’s orders is a misdemeanor if she says it is

Burning Evidence ?

China consulate ordered closed over alleged intel theft and begins burning documents Click Here for Details

Phony Polls

The left and media want you to think Trump can’t win Click Here for Story

Traverse City Promised Government Internet, Can’t Explain Why Project Stuck On Hold

Delays, high costs and disappointed residents very common with city-owned broadband

Murder City

Out of control Chicago has 15 shot at funeral Click Here for Details

Separatism Rises in Oregon

Violence and Democrat policies is driving rural Oregonians to petition for separation Click Here for Story

Time to Sue Twitter

Twitter is discriminating, purging and blacklisting pro-Trump accounts Click Here for Story

The Democrats Coup Against Biden ?

How will Dems control then remove Biden if elected Click Here for Details

Illegals Won’t Count?

POTUS bans counting illegals for apportionment of Congresspeople via census? Click Here for Story

Flawed Covid Numbers

Reporting is inflated for Covid numbers across the board and across the nation? Click Here for Details

Protests and Riots Spike Covid

Yes despite the media and the left protests and anarchy are pushing Covid infection Click Here for Details

Omar Corruption

Congresswoman paying her husband millions from her campaign Click Here for Story

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