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Tip of The Iceberg

Corruption at the FBI is slowly being exposed Click Here for Story

More “Pre-Election Results” From Michigan TV Stations

Shouldn’t “testing” be hidden from the public not broadcasted? Click Here for Details

Vaccine passports vs fake urine: A tale of two bills

Do the people of Michigan need a lobbyist?

Rank Amateurs

Biden Spokespeople seem to know nothing about inflation or recession Click Here for Details

Ten other numbers to know about the Michigan budget

Gov. Whitmer’s ‘10 most important budget numbers’ left out a few itemsRead more

Even the Lunatic Left realizes Their Mistake?

75% of Democrats have now abandoned Joe Biden Click Here for Story

Why Are Governments Trying to Ruin Farmers?

Is starvation the next step for the elite to depopulate the globe? Click Here for Details

Invasion in Texas

Two more Texas counties declare border invasion Click Here for Story

Armed Bystanders Work

The media and Democrats won’t admit it but the data is clear that the 2nd Amendment works Click Here for Details

Twitter Supports and Protects Child Groomers?

Twitter bans the term “groomer” from its site Click Here for Details

Poking the Pig?

US military ramps up precautions over possible Pelosi visit to Taiwan Click Here for Story

Biden’s Democrat Challenger?

As Biden’s popularity plummets Dems are beginning to line up Click Here for Story

Not So Green After All

So called environmentalist policies and technologies are causing their own huge pollution problems Click Here for Details

New Jersey Rationing?

New Jersey may ask for water rationing in the state? Click Here for Story

Training Good Little Nazis

Manhattan school trains its children to snitch on others for politically incorrect behavior Click Here for Details

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