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What the Commission Missed

Without equal and fair representation on the highly partisan Jan 6th Commission the public is not getting transparency Click Here for Story

State’s Initial Epidemic Responses Guided By ‘Worst Case But Possible’ Scenario

The reality fell short

Not Really a Surprise

Testimony at Jan 6th Commission is highly biased Click Here for Story

Feds Are Infecting American Communities…

Releasing illegal immigrants who are infected into communities all across America Click Here for Story

…Then Forcing Americans to Get Vaccinated

But not the illegals crossing our open border Click Here for Details

Saying NO to the CDC

GOP governors are standing up to the erroneous dictates of the Federal government and CDC Click Here for Story

What Friggin Science Are They Following?

Biden’s CDC wants vaccinated people to mask up Click Here for Story

Selling Our Country to Our Enemies

When will the government put a stop to China buying up all American farmland? Click Here for Details

Carbon Tax Scam

Still being pushed by the leftists to milk the American taxpayer Click Here for Story

Divider in Chief

Biden insults and blames the non-vaccinated to further divide America Click Here for Story

China Readies for War?

Its not just cyber hacks, economic sabotage and bio weapons China is using against the US and the world Click Here for Story

The Metaverse?

What’s next in the cyber evolution? Click Here for Details

Has the US Financed Its Own Demise?

France warned US about Wuhan Lab Click Here for Story

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