The News YOU Need to Know Thursday July 4, 2024

Independence Day

Celebrate the founding of our Nation Click Here for Story and Click Here for Info

While grilling, don’t forget to fan the flames of freedom

CapCon celebrates Independence Day with Patrick Henry’s 1775 speech

Obama in Charge?

IS Obama playing king maker and getting ready to depose Joe Biden? Does that mean he has been in charge the whole time? Click Here for Story

New Twist in Murder Case

One of the illegals who murdered a young American girl is the son of a Venezuelan regime official Click Here for Story

Democrat’s Holiday Economics

Inflation for you is what Democrat policies bring Click Here for Details

No Transparency

Why does the Biden Admin stalk even regime friendly journalists to keep them from talking to voters? Click Here for Story

Are America’s Greatest Enemies Within?

The progressive left is the biggest threat to our country Click Here for Details

Cranky POTUS

Presidential aides are scared of a raging dementia patient? Click Here for Story

Speech therapist could lose license for not completing implicit bias training

FOIA records show worker failed to complete 20 credit hours, including implicit bias training Read more

Kamala’s Suporters Say…

Don’t be bypassing Kamala? Click Here for Details

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