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Time to Hold FBI Director Chris Wray Accountable

His political machinations to protect Joe Biden needs to be addressed Click Here for Story

McCarthy On the Hot Seat?

Could McCarthy lose his Speakership? Click Here for Details

Whitmer makes untrue claims about Michigan’s job recovery

Whitmer says unemployment level is lowest since the ‘70s: It isn’t

Protecting the Biden Crime Family?

FBI is hiding information Click Here for Details

House Committee pushes back on Robin Hood mortgages; Tlaib supports them

Biden regulations force low-risk borrowers to subsidize high-risk borrowers Read more

A Waste of Our Time…

Chris Christie will announce his Presidential campaign, will anyone even care? Click Here for Story

Could Justice Actually Be Served on Clintons?

Judge in tax case puts new life into claims against the Clintons Click Here for Details

Debt Limit Bill Has Opponents on Both Sides

Its not just Republicans, even AOC is against the debt ceiling bill Click Here for Story

UFO Talk

NASA is starting to talk about UFOs Click Here for Details

Reckless Endangerment

The Biden Admin is failing America in nuclear pacts with Russia Click Here for Story

Special Session in Texas

Governor Abbott calls emergency meeting with Legislature to address border crisis Click Here for Details

Despite Some Blowback ESG Alive and Well?

Bad business by any other name is still bad business for investors Click Here for Story

Ending Illegal Birth-rite Citizenship?

Trump says he’ll put an end to it immediately if elected Click Here for Story

Don’t Believe the Media…

They always want to blame the Conservatives for possible government shutdowns when its the overspending Democrats who are at fault Click Here for Details

The End of German Culture?

Half of all new German citizens are Muslims. What will that mean for the future of German culture? Click Here for Story

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