The News YOU Need to Know Thursday June 11, 2020 TheDailyDrift.Com

Another Leader for GOP?

Senator Tom Cotton gains speed as conservative figurehead Click Here for Story

Democrats Working with Antifa?

What is the connection Democrats have with Antifa? Click Here for Details

Executive Order Suspending Evictions Doesn’t Let Renters Off The Hook

People who rent out property wish the state told tenants they still must pay

Dirty University?

Harvard professor indicted for concealing his work with China? Click Here for Story

Voter Cleanup – Missed One? Sheriff Gets Ballot Application For Dead Person 20 Years Gone

2018 law requires state to match voter records against Social Security master files

Political Correctness Disgrace

From statues to classic movies popular culture is destroying history to be politically correct Click Here for Story

Could Protests Spike Covid?

Worries of an increase in Covid spread due to protests and riots Click Here for Details

Stop Playing Victim?

Black conservative says its time to move beyond using race as a victim tool Click Here for Story

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