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More Evidence of Hunter’s Lawbreaking

His own texts implicate him in having and illegal gun and how the Secret service and/or FBI may have helped cover it up? Click Here for Story

Michigan School Hides Student’s “Transgendering” From Parents

Schools are crossing the line in pushing trans and grooming on students without parental consent? Click Here for Story

Bad News for Dems

Special election in Texas gives long time Dem seat to a Republican Click Here for Story

Fund roads through fees on miles driven, not gallons of gas purchased

Mileage-based user fees finish first in new study

Biden Will Punish the Innocent

Psaki Announces Border Patrol Agents Will No Longer Use Horses in Response  to False 'Whip' Narrative | National Review

Falsely accused Border agents will be punished anyway Click Here for Story

Tough in Arizona

GOP battling out in their Senate primary Click Here for Details

NIH’s implicit bias training commits the social sins it warns against

Jingoism, ableism, cultural appropriation tar the program’s aims Read more

Blaming Oil Producers for His Polices?

Biden warns the oil industry he threatened to destroy to now produce more oil? Click Here for Details

Are We Giving Food Stamps to Illegals?

With an out of control economy why i sthe Federal government giving assistance to non-citizens Click Here for Story

Democrats Bring Stagflation

Economy will sour even more thanks to Biden and the Democrats Click Here for Story

Americans Don’t Trust Their Government?

Support for assault weapon ban is at lowest ever? Click Here for Details

Investigate Fauci

Fauci says Coronavirus pandemic diverted resources from fighting AIDS |  Business Standard News

Could Anthony Fauci’s royalties amount to kickbacks? Click Here for Story

Not Really Unexpected From Those Who Are Watching with Open Eyes

Retails sales plummet in sign of worsening economy Click Here for Story

Christians Being Attacked

But the Mainstream media won’t talk about it Click Here for Story

Soros Is Dangerous

Global Inflation Could Bring a Worldwide Depression, George Soros Says |  Barron's

Truly evil doesn’t begin to describe a man who wants to destroy the US and our way of life Click Here for Details

Dirty Garland

US AG Merrick Garland has politicized and weaponized the DOJ against Trump supporters and now is threatening Donald Trump as well? Click Here for Story

Election Consequences? High Gas Prices

EVs won't save us from high gas prices - The Verge

Those that voted for Biden or refused to vote for Trump are now paying the price along with the rest of us Click Here for Details

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