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Exactly Why Rioting Hurts Democracy

China and Russia point to riots as Americans can’t rule themselves Click Here for Story

Lockdown Fine Print Also A Challenge For Whitmer, Family

‘ … travel during the epidemic is strongly discouraged

Lock Downs Were Not Necessary?

Architect of lock downs now has different opinion Click Here for Story

Where’s The Data On Whitmer’s Perplexing Orders?

Public in the dark on why pet groomers can open but not barbers, and much more

Rosenstein’s Perjury ?

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees Mueller probe ...

Did Rod Rosenstein perjure himself in testimony today? Click Here for Details

The Mis-educated College Youth

Universities are brainwashing students to be communists Click Here for Details

We Want Law and Order

Majority of Americans are ok with use of military to end riots Click Here for Story

Finding the Looters

Apple will track looted phones Click Here for Details

Weak Link Out?

Congressman King loses primary Click Here for Story

Nancy Lied

Speaker Pelosi and other Democrats are pushing lies about President Trump Click Here for Story

DeBlasio’s Hypocrisy

Democratic 2020 U.S. presidential candidate and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio

Huge protests are ok under Covid but religious gatherings are not Click Here for Story

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