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Democrat DA Hid 600 Pages of Evidence?

DA Bragg shows once again how corrupt the Democrats have made our judicial system Click Here for Story

Why Would Moderna Need a Bailout?

How would big pharma company need a bailout and why in the world would Biden Admin be willing to help? Click Hparler

truthsocialere for Story

Battery Problems for EVs?

Repairing EV batteries is a practical problem for the industry Click Here for Story

Will We Ever See the Epstein Client List?

Gateway Pundit is going to court o expose what the government is hiding? Click Here for Story

Oakland County district vows to eradicate racism, then guest speaker uses ‘antisemitic rhetoric’

‘Our students are watching us,’ Bloomfield Hills superintendent says in apology letter to school district

Medicaid Confusion?

Are millions about to lose access to Medicaid? Click Here for Details

The Dumbing Down of America?

How bad is our education system if American IQ scores are falling Click Here for Details

Trials and Tribulations…For 18 More Months?

Will the Biden economic disaster be bad for just another 18 months or will it last even longer Click Here for Story

DC Vetoed Fauci?

Washington DC residents not happy with their mayor or Dr. Fauci Click Here for Details

UK Upping the Ante in Ukraine

Will they send armor piercing shells made of depleted Uranium? Click Here for Story

Ukraine Policy?

The Biden Admin doesn’t really have one Click Here for Details

Enlarging the FDIC Program?

It may not help prevent more bank failures Click Here for Story

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