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Hiding Biden

White House is obviously hiding Joe Biden from real press and the public Click Here for Story

Another Capitol Hoax?

IS another set up happening in DC to confuse Americans? Click Here for Details

More Leftist Lies

IS there anything the left won’t lie about? Click Here for Story

His Government Service Hardship Included 8% Raise, $155K Golden Parachute

And a new gig as a public service scholar Read more

Covid Bill Screws Americans

Senate proposal leaves in money that isn’t Covid related but cuts down on money for Americans Click Here for Details

COVID On The Decline In Michigan

New daily case numbers plummeted from a 451 per million rate to 90 per million Read more


Is the FBI so corrupt it cannot be salvaged? Click Here for Details

Democrats Are the Party of the Rich?

Its not the GOP but the Dems who represent the wealthy and special interests Click Here for Details


Rep Clyburn admits gun control is just the first step toward taking your guns Click Here for Story

5 Dem Governors Should All Go Down

Policies of these Democrat governors killed thousands of senior citizens Click Here for Story

Bringing The Hammer

Democrats will try to end the Senate filibuster to hammer through their socialist agenda Click Here for Details

Democrats Import Covid Infectees

people walk across the mexico us border

More disease for America not less Click Here for Story

Higher Education? No…

Discriminatory leftist propaganda is what our colleges and universities are providing to our children Click Here for Details

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