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The No Labels Party?

Third Party allegedly centrist qualifies for Arizona in 2024 will it hurt Democrats or Republicans? Click Here for Story

The Uni-Party Is Scared…

Dirty Republicans join Fascist Democrats in calls to stop the January 6th videos from being seen by the public Click Here for Story

How Guilty Is the Deep State?

Even Trump was worried about releasing JFK investigation information Click Here for Story

Tlaib defends Biden student loan scheme, which faces Supreme Court review

Dearborn Democrat has also criticized court for eroding civil rights laws

KJP: Flat Out Liar

Biden’s Press Secretary gets caught in the biggest whopper yet? Click Here for Story

Manufacturing output is on the rise in America, but manufacturing jobs plummet

Manufacturing jobs are down 28% since 2001Read more

Coming For YOUR Wallet

Biden and Democrats ready a $2 Trillion tax increase on America Click Here for Details

Energy reliability is not on the agenda in the Michigan Legislature

None of the 3 energy-related bills submitted in 2023 would improve energy reliability in MichiganRead more

Fascist Trade Commission?

The Federal Trade Commission is going after the First Amendment of Journalists reporting on Twitter’s uncovered files Click Here for Story

Corrupted FBI

Whistleblowers are showing that the FBI acts more like organized crime that a legitimate enforcement agency Click Here for Details

Chinese Communists In YOUR Schools

Why would a High School take $1 million from the Chinese Communist Party? Click Here for Story

Whose Democracy?

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.)   (Screenshot)

Senator Chuck Schumer says Rupert Murdoch and Fox must stop Tucker Carlson from showing the January 6th video footage. Why shouldn’t Americans see the footage what is the government hiding? Click Here for Story

Tik Tok is Run By Chinese Intelligence Services to Spy on Users?

But is the US NSA and FBI any better? Click Here for Story

Biden’s Treason

President Joe Biden speaks at the University of Tampa in Tampa, Florida, on Feb. 9.

The proof is there will he be held accountable under the law? Click Here for Details

The Cost of Illegal Immigrants

In NYC its about $10,000 a month Click Here for Story

Idiot Climate Czar

John Kerry

John Kerry has zero Critical Thinking skills Click Here for Story

The Covid Narrative

redfield screenshot

Any attempts to question the official narrative of where Covid came from was quarantined? Click Here for Details

Fauci, The CDC and FDA Lied To You

Is this the real reason? Click Here for Story

NOT A Republican…

Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell is a traitor to conservatives Click Here for Story

From The Science Side…

New anti-virals? Click Here for Details

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