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Lindsey the Backstabber?

Lindsey Graham Throws an Impotent S--t Fit Over Ketanji Brown Jackson's  Supreme Court Nomination | Vanity Fair

RINO Senator Lindsey Graham caught on Audio disparaging Trump Click Here for Story

Michigan’s RINOs

The Michigan GOP elite are little better than Democrats Click Here for Story

TV News Crisis: Schools Get More Money and Teachers, But Fewer Kids

Whitmer seeks lavish bonuses to solve phantom staff shortage

Detroit Public School System Flush With Cash

Spending is up 54% per pupil, while COVID infusion totals more than $1 billion Read more

Georgians Need to Wake Up

America First candidates are not the establishment Republicans Click Here for Story

Readying for Invasion?

Is China practicing for its invasion of Taiwan? Click Here for Story


Its getting worse and Democrats are doing nothing to stop it Click Here for Story

Mixed Message

European Union condemns Russian aggression but then pays for that aggression by buying Russian oil? Click Here for Details

Bailing on Biden?

Even CNN is now saying Joe Biden shouldn’t run for re-election Click Here for Story

Military Doctors Not Trusting the DOD?

Funny games being played with vaccine injury statistics being scrubbed Click Here for Details

Democrat Super Lawyer Gets Dissed in Court?

Marc Elias isn’t faring well in the legal system lately Click Here for Story

Democrats Ignoring Science

The Democrats National Abortion Bill replaces “woman” with “person”? Who else gives birth other than women? Click Here for Details

A Game Changer?

Hong Kong Police Arrest Roman Catholic Cardinal on National Security Charge

China arrests Roman Catholic Cardinal in Hong Kong Click Here for Story

Finger Pointer in Chief

Biden has no plan, the Democrat controlled House and Senate have no plan but inflation is the Republican’s fault?? Click Here for Details

Liberal Panic

Liberal fact checkers can’t stop the truth in 2000 Mules Click Here for Story

High Tech…

China lives streams pictures of US warships from its satellite? Click Here for Details

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